Author Ocean Falls Book

Brian moved to Ocean Falls as a five year old when his father took a job as one of the town’s doctors. He stayed until he was twenty but spent the final five years as a student who returned from boarding school or university to work in the paper mill or on the booming grounds. He began collecting stories and notes about Ocean Falls as a high school student and continued to do so for the next fifty years. This book is the result of those efforts.

Brian lived in Ocean Falls from 1953 to until 1968, between the ages of five and twenty-the golden years for both Brian and the town. As the son of one of the town’s two doctors and later as a student returning from boarding school and university, his perspective of the place was that of both an insider and an outsider As an insider, he was the resident of a house at the centre of the town, an inquisitive student, a boater, a lover of the outdoors, an athlete and a member of the town’s famous swim team. As an outsider, making periodic visits from “downtown” to work in the mill he developed an appreciation that the place he called home was unique and its stories were worth preserving.

Brian has resided in Cobble Hill, British Columbia, for forty years. He is a general practitioner of the law on Vancouver Island. He and his wife Peggy have three children and six grandchildren. This book is a legacy for them and the Rain-people. This is his first book.