Praise for “Ocean Falls: After the Whistle”

Working at the Pulp Mill in Ocean Falls made a lasting impact on me, and I welcome the reminder of a positive time in my youth.
John Horgan – Premier of British Columbia

The historical detail, the photos and illustrations, and some of the personal recollections of people who lived in Ocean Falls made the book thoroughly engaging and readable.
Anne Rowles – Retired Justice British Columbia Court of Appeal

Thank you for your wonderful book about Ocean Falls…..I was surprised that so many Japanese people were there.
Taro Yokosawa – Japanese Journalist, Nikkei Inc.

Congratulations on a fine piece of work. I am sure it is already a valuable addition to the history of both B.C. and Canada.
Richard W. Pound – Q.C.

On a personal level (having lived on the Central Coast for over fifty years) this is an amazing work.
John Morton – Bella Coola B.C.

I read your fine book on Ocean Falls, and as a “ex resident”, enjoyed it greatly. It is the human aspect that I enjoyed having known and worked with many of the people that you mentioned.
Claude Bergman – Mill Manager 1975

I don’t know where to start, or where to find the words to say THANK YOU for such an incredible book.
Daryl White – Ocean Falls’ resident 1948 – 1966

I take my hat off to you. “After the Whistle” is a heck of a read.
John (Jock) Forbes – Author “Ocean Falls and Beyond”

I was riveted by your book and I could scarcely put it down. Congratulations on a terrific first book.
Steve Purcell (Puselja) – Ocean Falls’ resident 1954 – 1972

You have written a memorable book for the many of us who lived in Ocean Falls. Thank you.
Bill Sharkey – Former Mill Manager

There is such a lot of work in putting a book like this together (all that first hand archival research) and it truly has the feel of a labour of love.
Alison Preece – Retired Professor of Education, University of Victoria

Who should read accounts of local history like McDaniel’s “Ocean Falls – After the Whistle”? We all should if we seek to understand the who, what, where, when, why and how of the living history around us.
Geoff Johnston – Victoria Times Colonist

In the process, Ocean Falls, its characters, and the paper factory that caused it all, are brought to life in detail so rich it’s almost archeological.
Howard Stewart – The Ormsby Review

What a remarkable piece of writing and research.
Jann Haag, Professor of Journalism and Creative Writing, Sacramento City College

Anyone who lived in Ocean Falls will be happy to have this book.
Jack Kelso – Holder of multiple world swimming records